The Geek Shock Book Club votes on a list of books, nominated by members of the group and culled by Master Torgo. The book that receives the most votes is the book for that month. Graphic novels are included on a quarterly basis. Voting usually ends before the start of the month and discussions on the book begin on the 8th of the month.

Book Club History

Books Read

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Month Book Author Genre Submitted By
August 2018 The Private Eye Brian K. Vaughan Comic Michael R.J.
July 2018
June 2018 The Long Walk Richard Bachman
May 2018 Dune Frank Herbert Science Fiction, Religion, Classics Andrew S.
April 2018 The Infinity Gauntlet Jim Starlin Comic Matt S.
March 2018 Replay Ken Grimwood Science Fiction Professor Biggs
March 2018 The Armored Saint Myke Cole Fantasy Master Torgo
February 2018 Monster Hunter Internationl Larry Correia Fantasy, Horror Matt S.
January 2018 Old Man's War John Scalzi Science Fiction Master Torgo
December 2017 Klaus Grant Morrison Comic Michael R. J.
November 2017 We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Dennis E. Taylor Science Fiction Kisik M.
October 2017 Sleeping Beauties Owen King & Stephen King Horror David H.
September 2017 Lord of Light Roger Zelazny Science Fiction, Religion, Classics Jeff H.
August 2017 Marvel 1602 Neil Gaiman Comic Annalee K.
July 2017 Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone G.S. Denning Mystery, Fantasy, Comedy ??
June 2017 Sleeping Giants Sylvain Neuvel Science Fiction Master Torgo
May 2017 I Hate Fairy Land Skottie Young Comic Michael R. J.
May 2017 Wolverine: Old Man Logan Mark Millar Comic Adrian K.
April 2017 Hyperion Dan Simmons Science Fiction Kisik M.
March 2017 Good Omens Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett Fantasy, Comedy Sean D.
February 2017 1984 George Orwell Science Fiction, Classics Michael L.
January 2017 Armada Ernest Cline Science Fiction Sara V.
December 2016 The Hogfather Terry Pratchett Comedy, Fantasy Ben M.
November 2016 The Last Day Glen Kleier Science Fiction, Religion ????
October 2016 The Shadow Over Innsmouth H.P. Lovecraft Horror Professor Biggs
September 2016 The Forever War Joe Haldeman Science Fiction Dr. Vlarg
August 2016 I Am Providence Nick Mamatas Horror, Mystery Master Torgo